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Oggy is really a cat, he has light blue body, green eyes, grey tummy and white feet. Oggy usually spends his time either watching television or doing housework - when not chasing the cockroaches. Despite the constant mayhem caused by the cockroaches, Oggy has developed a kind of love-hate relationship together, having lived with them for some time. Whenever he finds himself alone in the house, he'll eventually begin to miss the cockroaches with their pranks (as seen in the episode Priceless Roaches). Oggy's house appears bigger inside, mainly featured in the roller coaster-like staircase scenes. Oggy originates to understand that without the cockroaches, nothing fun or interesting ever occur in his life. According to executive producer Marc du Pontavice and France Info, the smoothness of Oggy was named after punk rock musician Iggy Pop and the rock album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and also the Spiders from Mars.At the begining of episodes, Oggy, like his predecessor Tom in Tom and Jerry, was the primary punching bag in the series. However, in additional recent episodes, Oggy continues to be portrayed as heroic, often triumphing within the cockroaches despite the beatings he takes from them and Bob. Notable other accomplishments include winning the F1, placing first inside a marathon, and ultimately winning over his girlfriend Olivia.

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The Cockroaches would be the three cockroach brothers who antagonize other characters, mainly Oggy and Jack. The cockroaches love pranking them a lot, that if the cats would leave, they'd miss them (as observed in the episode Leaving).

Joey (born 15 June 1991) is really a purple-pink body, purple-blue head roach with a pink eye and yellow eye (pink right eye and yellow left eye, originally red), and the older brother. Even though he's the tiniest roach in the group, more often than not he's the most intelligent, always being the brain within the plans, but may also be made to go solo, because his brothers often think his plans are stupid. He loves money, but his efforts always fall short, usually ending with him getting swatted or passed.

Marky is a suave heartbreaking, silvery-grey body, green head roach with pink eyes (originally red, but returned in the ending from the episode Teleportation where he is stuck in the ice); he's the tallest and middle brother of the three roaches and frequently doesn't actually care about what the two other medication is doing. As they originally used to love causing mischief just like his brothers, he's turned out to be more laid-back in later episodes, though he still enjoys hanging out with Joey and Dee Dee and causing general mayhem like he has always done. His hobbies are dating puppets and reading books. Also, he has foul breath, as revealed in the episode 'It's A Small World' Season 1.


Dee Dee may be the ever-hungry cockroach and youngest of the three. He has a blue body, orange head and green eyes. His appetite sometimes reaches insane proportions, often resulting in the consumption of larger animals or any other stuff that would otherwise be inedible (such as hyenas once and, because of the effects of a poisonous mushroom in another case, an insect. Other instances range from the fish on the wallpaper Oggy's Clone along with a clownfish Diving). He is known to like opera. It is sometimes shown that his feet are extremely foul-smelling, the juice they produce is toxic and melt objects such as the Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise whether they have acid for blood.

Jack is Oggy's cousin. He has a green body, yellow eyes, pale pink tummy and white feet, within the show. He's Oggy's cousin so the opposite of Oggy. Jack is short-tempered, violent, arrogant - an ideal target for the roaches to annoy. He often finds himself building huge machinery, for example roach-catching contraptions, more often than not resulting in them backfiring. He's extremely interested in chemistry (that is, the more explosive parts of it). Jack often sleeps at Oggy's house. At times, he bullies Oggy. Jack seems to be the best character within the show. He likes to showcase, challenge the roaches and date girls - mainly Oggy's sister Monica. He is sometimes seen trying to offer Monica, however the cockroaches' pranks always make him stop short. In one episode, they appear to possess a baby together and ask Oggy to babysit their child. Jack also offers a morbid anxiety about heights, as shown in a number of episodes like 'The Lighthouse Keeper' Season 3. However, in 'The Rise & The Fall' Season 1 it is Oggy who has a fear of heights rather than Jack.

Bob is a fierce brown bulldog and Oggy's neighbour. He's severe anger management issues. A running gag within the show has Oggy or Jack doing something that accidentally crushes Bob or shaves his fur or destroys his house, with Bob then pummeling Oggy or Jack off-screen. He does not always pummel Oggy, as seen in Baby Boum and Police Academy. He's some kind of friendship with Jack, as notably seen in Olivia. He's recognized to like boxing.

Olivia is really a white cat and Oggy's new neighbour and new love interest. She loves nature, even Oggy's enemies Joey, Marky and Dee Dee, resulting in Oggy acting nice to them every time she's around. She always stops working if somebody hurts any kind of nature. She also cares a great deal about her looks; in the episode Olivia's Pimple when she sees a pimple on her face, she will not leave her house. In the series last episode 'Oggy Gets Married Featuring Olivia', Olivia and Oggy get married following a visit to Venice.


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